Counseling Services

Coming soon to Pediatric Therapy Center!

We are excited to be expanding our array of pediatric therapies to include counseling services for children, youth and families.

Our services:

  • Delivering exceptional counseling services by licensed, highly trained, and experienced mental health counselors and social workers
  • Ensuring evidenced-based behavioral and mental health treatment in a child friendly, play oriented setting
  • Concentrating on our family-centric approach whereby our patients' and families come first
  • Offering treatment that centers on improving the emotional wellbeing of children and their families
  • Providing counseling services that embrace a psychoeducational approach to how children’s brains and bodies work
  • Helping children create a personal toolbox for managing life’s difficult moments and developing skills for success
  • Collaborating with other pediatric therapy disciplines, fostering the PTC "whole child" approach to care

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To learn about counseling career opportunities at PTC click here!