Physical Therapy treatment and interventions focus on developing skills required to achieve age appropriate gross motor skills, safe and independent age appropriate mobility and restoring pain-free function after injury. PT may address the following areas:

Gross Motor Skill Development

Facilitation of gross motor skill development is achieved through addressing underlying strength, range of motion, coordination, neurological and/or structural impairments. It is important to address any delays in gross motor skill development as early as possible to prevent further delays from occurring. It is crucial to develop age appropriate gross motor skills in order to encourage participation with peers and an active lifestyle starting at a young age.

Mobility Training

Whether it be crawling, walking, using a walker or a wheelchair it is important that each child be as safe and as independent as possible with mobility. We will determine the most appropriate method of mobility and work with orthotists/prosthetists and equipment distributors to make each child as independent and safe as possible with mobility. Mobility training also applies to late walkers who require intervention to become independent walkers.

Rehabilitation after Injury

Pediatric based rehabilitation following an injury is much different than adult based rehabilitation. It is important that pediatric anatomy be considered throughout the rehab process, as well as using ways to motivate the pediatric population to fully participate with home programs and in therapy.

Our Physical Therapists are trained in:

• Kinesio Taping for Pediatrics
• Assessment and Treatment of Torticollis and Plagiocephaly
• Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT)
• Birth to 3 Early Intervention Treatment
• Treatment of Toe-Walking / Equinovarus
• Management of Hyper/Hypotonia and Other Neurological Conditions