OT treatment and interventions facilitate a child’s independence and participation in daily functional tasks/activities. OT may address the following areas:
Self-Regulation, Attention and Sensory Processing

Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s)/Self Care Skills:

ADL’s are activities we all do to take care of one’s own body. Intervention may be provided to develop skills that a child needs to function on a daily basis, such as toileting, personal hygiene and dressing.

Fine Motor Skills, Strength and Dexterity

Having hand strength and dexterity are essential components in development, growth and participation in age appropriate activities. The goal of these interventions is to allow children to interact with and manipulate small items with both hands. Skills that require fine motor skills, strength and dexterity include handwriting/pre-writing skills, buttons, zippers, cutting, shoe-tying and opening/closing containers.

Our Occupational Therapists are trained in

• Integrated Listening Systems (iLS) – LINKS TO our iLS PDF
• Handwriting Without Tears
• The Astronaut Program
• Sensory Based Feeding / “Picky Eaters” / SOS Approach – LINKS TO FEEDING TEAM PAGE
• Sensory Integration
• Zones of Regulation
• The Engine Program