Pediatric Feeding Team

We have New Hampshire’s only Pediatric Feeding Team comprised of Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and a Nutritionist. Our team has an exceptional success rate with progressing the diets and food management skills of children with medically complex and sensory-based feeding and swallowing disorders.

Our Feeding Team is trained in evaluating and treating a variety of feeding and swallowing disorders. We offer the following feeding therapy services:

• Treatment of Dysphagia / Progression of Dysphagia Diets
• Infant Feeding and Swallowing Therapy
• Sensory-Based Feeding Therapy / Treatment of “Picky Eaters”
• Breastfeeding Consultation for Children with a History of Torticollis
• Treatment of Reflux-Related Feeding and Swallowing Disorders
• Oral Feeding Progression for Children with Feeding Tubes
• Treatment of Oral-Motor Weakness and Dysfunction
• Treatment of Failure to Thrive
• Positioning and Tone Management for Feeding